Microsoft Excel Training

All of our training is customised to meet your specific needs. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you! 

Customised "one-on-one" training

The most common feedback from our students is "Why didn't anyone ever show me that?"

Many of our clients who seek individual training are already considered proficient in Microsoft Excel by everyday standards - however they find themselves unable to efficiently do what they need on a day to day basis. It often doesn't make sense to commit to an expensive and lengthy training course that will cover a lot of things you already know, and likely skip some of the things you want to learn.

Individual training can take a range of formats, from adhoc "tutoring" billed hourly to customised workshops tailored to meet your requirements.


One on One

No distractions, just you and your Excelerator coach


Focus on the specific skills that you need to succeed


Control the direction and content of your own training


Tailored training to suit your preferred  personal learning style

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Dedicated Group Workshops

From 2 to 20, we can organise a group training session tailored to suit the needs of your business. With a range of workshop options, you can cost effectively upskill your workforce without interrupting your operations.

Whether on site at your workplace or at our group training venue conveniently located in the Perth CBD, each of our workshops are customised specifically to the industry and requirements of our students. Group training sessions may between 2 hours and 2 days in length, depending on your needs.

Our facilitator will work with key personnel in your business ahead of time to identify the skills and areas that are relevant for your staff, and we can even use your own internal documents as a basis for the lesson plan. Practical, to-the-point training that will actually improve your efficiency, instead of just looking good on a resumè!

Cost Effective

Train your whole team in one go, with one fixed price


We will work with you to develop a lesson plan tailored to your needs


We can provide video tutorials and guides for future reference


Custom practical & theory assessments available on request

Training Locations

We can conduct individual and small group training sessions at our Winthrop offices or at your own workplace. On site training for remote locations is also available on request.

We also have access to facilities in the Perth CBD that are suitable for larger groups (or individuals) conveniently located on St. George's Terrace. Please note that students must provide their own laptop computer for group sessions of larger than 3 people.


At your office or premises


45 St Georges Tce


Somerville Blvd, Winthrop

Training Types & Costs

We provide the following options for training. Costs provided below are indicative only and may vary depending on your requirements and location.


From $95 per hour*


From $550*


From $900*

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* Individual training, minimum 2 hours. Workshop pricing will vary based on number of people and location of training.